Premier League plans to play matches abroad

I may be a bit late in discussing this topic due to my ongoing exams. The premier league are considering plans to play regular matches in foreign countries. According to the plan, there will be an extra round of 10 matches that will be played abroad. Foreign cities would bid for the right to stage matches and the matches would be played in consecutive days at 5 different venues. The process will be similar to what is held for staging the final of Champions League etc.

All the premier league clubs are willing to explore this new avenue and it is also being backed by several high profile managers. Though it has received widespread criticism also, Richard Scudamore is confident that it can benefit the sports. And with all the 20 clubs backing it, it will be only a matter of time before FIFA nods ‘ok’ to it after some modifications. The possible venues could be America, Asia or Middle East where the Premier League has a lot of fans. Premier League clubs go on regular tours to these countries and the fan base is also very strong there.

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