Spain 3 – 0 Russia


  • Russia were truly outclassed by a brilliant Spain performance. They didn’t look like the team that beat Holland 3 – 1
  • Arshavin, who has been the Russian hero in the current campaign was almost non present
  • Fabregas is a genius. His passes were superb. Why hasn’t he started any games is a mystery to me. But I think he will definitely start the final now
  • Unfortunately David Villa got injured and will not play in the final. His replacement Guiza is a good striker too. His finish for the 2nd goal was top class
  • Its time to concentrate on the final. I think it is time when Spain will have there “under achievers” tag removed
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Czech Republic 2 – 3 Turkey


  • What an outstanding game of football and what a comeback by Turkey
  • It was horrible to see “Cech”, one of the best goal keepers in the world performing such a blunder. Well, he seem to be having a nightmarish season and lucky for him, it has ended
  • Czech should have finished the game before. They missed some very good chances.
  • Nihat was absolutely superb. His last goal was terrific. No One could have stopped it
  • It was really surprising to see Volkan pushing Jan Koller when Turkey were in the lead. Foolish act
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