Is this end of the road for Ronaldo ?

Ronaldo cries in pain during the match against Livorno Brazilian and AC Milan striker glittering career could soon be over following his latest injury. On Wednesday, Ronaldo ruptured ligaments in his left knee after landing badly in a match against Livorno. This is a same type of injury which he suffered around 8 years ago and it took him around 2 years to regain his fitness. Now it is very doubtful whether the 31 year old striker can recover from this type of injury again.

He now faces around 10 months on the sidelines after the surgery. But the time and age maybe against him. His contract with Milan expires in the summer and there were already doubts whether it would be renewed or not. Now Milan will have to enter the market to buy a new striker and that may well be the end to his, at least Milan career. According to Milan medical officer, he can only make a comeback if he is ready to face the long and difficult rehabilitation at 31. But knowing his character, he will work hard to make a comeback.

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Adriano to face ban for headbutt

Remember Adriano, the brazilian and Inter Milan striker who, a few years back was being labelled as one of the best strikers of the world. But the last few season has not been too good for him. He gained weight, partied a lot and lost his place at Inter and now is on loan at Sao Paulo and trying to prove that he still deserves a chance at Inter. But look what he does at Sao Paulo. He tries to be famous like Zidane by headbutting a player. Now he seems sure to face ban for around 4-18 months. He seemed to be doing well for Sao Paulo recently but now things will be more difficult for him. You can see the video down below

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