Ryan Giggs Get PFA Player of the Year Award


Ryan Giggs has won the Professional Footballer’s Association Player of the Year Award. It may seem surprising but this is the first time he has won the award in his illustrious career. Most of the contenders for the award were his United team mates including Cristiano Roanldo, Nemanja Vidic, Van Der Sar, Rio Ferdinand and Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard.

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Cannavaro out of Euro 2008

With Euro 2008 going to begin in a few days, world cup winners Italy are sure going to be one of the favourites for lifting the trophy. But they will be without there influential and experienced captain Fabio Cannavaro. who will be out for a few months after damaging ankle ligaments during the training session.

Since he was the captain of Italy, the coach Donadoni must now decide who to give the armband, the favourite being Gianluigi Buffon. The replacement being called for him is Alessandaro Gamberini who has performed well in a centre half position for his club. However, since Italy are in a group of death which contains the Dutch, France and Romania, losing Cannavaro may seem to be a blow. But Italy have got some good defenders in Nesta, Materazzi. It will be interesting to see how there defence holds out in there opening game against the Dutch side on 9th June.

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Ronaldinho To Milan ?

It looks like Ronaldinho may be on his way to AC Milan in the summer. According to his brother and agent Roberto de Assis, Ronaldinho has already agreed terms with Milan and now a deal concerning the transfer fees needs to be reached with Barcelona. Earlier, there was also a reported interest from Manchester City but seriously didn’t see that going through. He is set to earn around £6.5million per year at Milan according to Italian Media.

Ronaldinho has had a difficult season at Barcelona due to injuries and lack of form. He is currently out for the season because of a muscle injury. And with young players such as Messi, Bojan, Dos Santos playing so well, the time may well come for him to leave a seek a new challenge. AC Milan also seems to be an ideal club for the twice World Player of the year. They are struggling to create goals, with Ronaldo being injured and Gilardino in lackluster form and Kaka not playing at his best. They are also fifth in the Serie A and in danger of missing out on the Champions League. The arrival of Ronaldinho may just give them the attacking edge they seem to be missing. And the prospect of having Kaka and Ronaldinho in the same team is too tempting. Milan manager is also eager to bring Chelsea’s misfiring striker Andrei Shevchenko back at the San Siro. Shevchenko has been unable to produce the same form for Chelsea as he did for Milan and so it will be better for him to return to his former club where he is considered a legend.

Currently, only an agreement has been reached and only the transfer fees has to be agreed now. Lets see how this turns out to be

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Is this end of the road for Ronaldo ?

Ronaldo cries in pain during the match against Livorno Brazilian and AC Milan striker glittering career could soon be over following his latest injury. On Wednesday, Ronaldo ruptured ligaments in his left knee after landing badly in a match against Livorno. This is a same type of injury which he suffered around 8 years ago and it took him around 2 years to regain his fitness. Now it is very doubtful whether the 31 year old striker can recover from this type of injury again.

He now faces around 10 months on the sidelines after the surgery. But the time and age maybe against him. His contract with Milan expires in the summer and there were already doubts whether it would be renewed or not. Now Milan will have to enter the market to buy a new striker and that may well be the end to his, at least Milan career. According to Milan medical officer, he can only make a comeback if he is ready to face the long and difficult rehabilitation at 31. But knowing his character, he will work hard to make a comeback.

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Adriano to face ban for headbutt

Remember Adriano, the brazilian and Inter Milan striker who, a few years back was being labelled as one of the best strikers of the world. But the last few season has not been too good for him. He gained weight, partied a lot and lost his place at Inter and now is on loan at Sao Paulo and trying to prove that he still deserves a chance at Inter. But look what he does at Sao Paulo. He tries to be famous like Zidane by headbutting a player. Now he seems sure to face ban for around 4-18 months. He seemed to be doing well for Sao Paulo recently but now things will be more difficult for him. You can see the video down below

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Premier League plans to play matches abroad

I may be a bit late in discussing this topic due to my ongoing exams. The premier league are considering plans to play regular matches in foreign countries. According to the plan, there will be an extra round of 10 matches that will be played abroad. Foreign cities would bid for the right to stage matches and the matches would be played in consecutive days at 5 different venues. The process will be similar to what is held for staging the final of Champions League etc.

All the premier league clubs are willing to explore this new avenue and it is also being backed by several high profile managers. Though it has received widespread criticism also, Richard Scudamore is confident that it can benefit the sports. And with all the 20 clubs backing it, it will be only a matter of time before FIFA nods ‘ok’ to it after some modifications. The possible venues could be America, Asia or Middle East where the Premier League has a lot of fans. Premier League clubs go on regular tours to these countries and the fan base is also very strong there.

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