Federico Macheda – A Hero is Born

I realized yesterday why Old Trafford is called “Theatre Of Dreams”. A place where dreams come true as in the case of 17 year old Federico Macheda who scored a superb goal to give Manchester United the victory. 24 hours earlier, no one would have known who he was, but right now, probably all the football lovers everywhere know about him and he has also become the new hero of Italian press.

Everyone else including me might have been surprised to see him come on as a substitute. I was expecting Sir Alex to bring on someone experienced like Park Ji Sung or Danny Welbeck who has played a few cup games. But it was a gamble that paid off as the young Italian announced his arrival in English football in a brilliant fashion. So important was his goal that many are comparing it to the goal which Steve Bruce scored against Sheffield Wednesday in 1993 which gave Man Utd the victory as they went on the win the English Premier League. But most important is the fact that the goal gave Manchester United the belief that they can win the Premier League.

United had lost both there last two matches and they even looked poor against the Aston Villa team. It looked as if United were going to lose the match and the Premiership hope was fading away. But the Cristiano Ronaldo goal restored some confidence and the brilliant goal from the youngster was just superb, you could have seen how Old Trafford burst into life after that. Benitez claimed that the pressure was on Manchester United but now the pressure seemed to have shifted back to Liverpool. With Berbatov injured, it gives a great chance to Macheda to establish himself into the team. United face Porto in the Champions League and with Macheda also in the team, i think he might also get a few minutes.

And if he takes the chances that comes his way, we may have a new hero at Manchester United.

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