Spain 3 – 0 Russia


  • Russia were truly outclassed by a brilliant Spain performance. They didn’t look like the team that beat Holland 3 – 1
  • Arshavin, who has been the Russian hero in the current campaign was almost non present
  • Fabregas is a genius. His passes were superb. Why hasn’t he started any games is a mystery to me. But I think he will definitely start the final now
  • Unfortunately David Villa got injured and will not play in the final. His replacement Guiza is a good striker too. His finish for the 2nd goal was top class
  • Its time to concentrate on the final. I think it is time when Spain will have there “under achievers” tag removed
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Germany 3 – 2 Turkey


  • What a superb match, even though Turkey were without six first team players, they were a lot better than Germany and deserved to be in the final
  • If you want to see an example of team spirit, there is no better team to show it than Turkey. In the whole Euro 2008, they have made some amazing comeback, they might have made another one but unfortunately it was Germany who scored the late goal this time
  • Credit should go to Turkey coach “Terim”. He got the best out of the players and motivated them enough
  • Neither of the goalkeepers looked confident in the match
  • Even though Germany have been a bit unconvincing, they have managed to get to the final and i have a feeling that they might end up winning it
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France 0 – 2 Italy


  • France didn’t play that poorly that they deserved to lose by 2 – 0. They had some bad luck and things didn’t go right for them
  • France didn’t deserve to reach the next stage. They have been poor, scoring only 1 goal in the group stages. But they did better than in World Cup 2002 when they didn’t score a single goal
  • Pirlo is a mid field mastermind for Italy. He and Buffon were superb
  • Pirlo and Gatusso will be suspended for the QF, lets see how Italy performs without them
  • France coach couldn’t have picked a better time to propose to his girl friend. He knows he might be sacked soon why not marry now
  • Thruam and Makelle have retired and we might see the same from Viera and Henry. Its time for the new generation to take over
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Austria 0 – 1 Germany


  • Germany doesn’t look like the same team that reached the SF of the World Cup. They are lacking there attacking flair
  • Austria are not that bad as they are made out to be. They played decently against a tough German side
  • Michael Ballack’s free kick was just superb. The first goal of the tournament from a free kick i guess
  • How is Mario Gomez playing. He has missed so many chances in the whole tournament. He can’t score from six yards with a tap in and then does nothing when the ball was in the air. I don’t think he deserve to play
  • The best incident of the first half was the sending off of the two coaches
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Switzerland 2 – 0 Portugal


  • Portugal may be one of the favourites to win the Euro but this shows that they have a poor reserve line up
  • Swiss fans finally have something to cheer about
  • Had Switzerland not conceded a late goal against Turkey, they would have been in the quarter finals
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Czech Republic 2 – 3 Turkey


  • What an outstanding game of football and what a comeback by Turkey
  • It was horrible to see “Cech”, one of the best goal keepers in the world performing such a blunder. Well, he seem to be having a nightmarish season and lucky for him, it has ended
  • Czech should have finished the game before. They missed some very good chances.
  • Nihat was absolutely superb. His last goal was terrific. No One could have stopped it
  • It was really surprising to see Volkan pushing Jan Koller when Turkey were in the lead. Foolish act
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