Why Manchester United are Champions

Even if the title race went down to the last day, we finished the season as Champions. Here are the reasons why we managed to win the title

  1. Squad Depth: Our squad depth was far better than previous seasons. We were able to cope with injuries this time. The arrival of Hargreaves, Anderson, Nani and Tevez made the squad more strong. Even the absence of Saha and Neville didn’t effect us
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo: Even if winning the title was a joint effort, we cannot overlook the contribution of Ronaldo. The first player after Alan Shearer to score more than 30 + goals in the league and it definitely helped us
  3. Attack: Our attacking play this season helped us. Even if Chelsea would have won on the last day, we would have won the league thanks to our superior goal difference. That was possible because of our attacking play
  4. Defense: The unsung heroes of our campaign are Brown, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra or defenders. Our defense was far better than last season and we kept the most number of clean sheets. Even keeping two clean sheets against Barcelona in the CL is an achievement in itself
  5. Winning important matches: Except the loss against Chelsea in April and the draw with Arsenal, we took almost all the points from the top teams such as Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. Winning against the top teams are crucial in the title race and this season we did that

So Why do you think we finished as Champions. Share the thoughts in comments

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