Chelsea draw with Wigan, Man Utd close to title

Chelsea title dream may be over after they were held to a 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge. Before the game, Chelsea were 3 points behind Man Utd and needed a win to have any hope of challenging Man Utd for the title whom they face on 26th April at home. Now with the gap at 5 points, and Chelsea facing Everton on Thursday, the title could be over by the time Chelsea play Man Utd.

Chelsea gave rest to several key players in view of the tough match against Everton. They had several chances to score in the first half but they failed to find the net. Chelsea were finally rewarded when Essien scored in the 53rd minute. Chelsea attacked but they couldn’t find the second goal to kill of the game. And they were stunned when an Wigan scored in the injury time through an Emile Heskey volley which may have just ended there title hopes. To add insult to injury, they were booed by there own fans after the final whistle.

Now it definitely looks that Chelsea will finish the season without any silverware. I have an intution that they will either lose or draw against Everton and the title race will be over on Saturday. One question that no doubt comes to my mind is that who will manage Chelsea next season. I don’t think Abromovich will give Grant a second chance. And with Barcelona performing poorly in the Spanish League, Frank Rijkard might make the switch.

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