Premier League set for an exciting finish with just 6 games remaining

With just 6 games remaining, the Premier League is set for a dramatic finish, it has happened after a long time but it is worth the wait. The fight between Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are sure to go till the end but Man Utd have an upper hand. Lets look at the remaining fixtures of all the team and analyze that which team has a good chance of winning the title

Manchester United’s remaining fixtures

  • Middlesbrough v Man Utd
  • Man Utd v Arsenal
  • Blackburn v Man Utd
  • Chelsea v Man Utd
  • Man Utd v West Ham
  • Wigan v Man Utd

The two fixtures that may have an impact on the title race are the ones against Arsenal and Chelsea. If Arsenal lost to United at Old Trafford, there title challenge could be over as the lead might increase to 9 points. United’s away match against Chelsea could very well prove important as it will be a must win for Chelsea if they want to reclaim there title. In the other fixtures, the one against Blackburn away will be somewhat difficult while i expect United to win the rest of games.

Chelsea’s remaining fixtures

  • Man City v Chelsea
  • Chelsea v Wigan
  • Everton v Chelsea
  • Chelsea v Man Utd
  • Newcastle v Chelsea
  • Chelsea v Bolton

Chelsea do have some difficult away games to Manchester City and Everton and a difficult one against Manchester United at home. With Man City and Everton both playing for Europe, they can be difficult to beat. but Chelsea have a very good home record and that will be there plus point. However, the match against Manchester United will be a must win for them.

Arsenal’s remaining fixtures

  • Arsenal v Liverpool
  • Man Utd v Arsenal
  • Arsenal v Reading
  • Derby v Arsenal
  • Arsenal v Everton
  • Sunderland v Arsenal

Arsenal definitely have a very bad ass schedule both in Premier League as well as Champions League. In a period of 10 days, they play Liverpool three times and Manchester United away. There squad depth is not very large and this may be a factor for there downfall. It will be a make or break period for them. I definitely think the match against United will decide Arsenal’s fate. While the rest of the games which they play are relatively easy, fatigue can be an important factor for them.

With Champions League also happening, it will have an impact on all the teams. And who knows, we might have a few surprises from the rest of the teams. By far, Manchester United who are in great form are my first favorites to win the title. But football is so full of surprises.

What do you guys think? Who do you think will go and win the league?

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