The Big four EPL Showdown

Ferguson, Benitez, Grant, Wenger

The English Premier League has definitely reached the crunch stage. With just 8 games remaining, the title can go either to Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea. Tomorrow’s match between the big four may turn out to be a crucial movement in the final rankings. A few weeks ago, Arsenal were cruising, they were 5 points ahead but after four successive draws, they currently lie 3 points behind Manchester United. And it could have been more miserable for Arsenal had Chelsea not drawn with Spurs.

It is one of the most close call finishes in the Premier League which i have seen after a long time. The pressure will be mainly on Arsenal and Man Utd but i would be a fool to rule Chelsea out. If Manchester United win against Liverpool and Arsenal lost to Chelsea, then it might be "Title Gone" for Wenger. Consistency will definitely be the key in these last matches. And with the Champions League also looming close, the freshness and determination will also play a big part. Liverpool have been in great form recently winning there last 5 premier league matches. The form of Torres has been exceptional. Looking at both set of players, we might have a classic match to watch but these big matches usually turn out to be quite boring. I think defense will play a key part in this game. How the defenders will be able to cope with the likes of Torres, Gerrard, Rooney, Ronaldo, Nani and Tevez can certainly have a bearing on the outcome. These games are usually decided by a solo goal. United have won there last 5 fixtures with Liverpool but Liverpool will be going there thinking of a win as there recent form in the League as well as Champions League has been tremendous.

The game between Arsenal and Chelsea is crucial for both of them. Arsenal’s poor form recently have seen them being replaced by Man Utd at the top of the table. Chelsea were also poor in there 4-4 draw against Spurs but the home advantage may give them the edge here. Chelsea have been poor against the big teams this season and Grant may want to set the record straight. There home form has been terrific and i cant see them losing this.

With so much pressure surrounding these fixtures, i don’t think we are about to witness an exciting game. The game may be settled with a 1-0 , 2-0 , 1-1 score line but who ever wins will be the one thing that will matter in the end. We will talk more about this after the matches. Till then stay tuned.

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