Champions League Roundup

The Champions League matches this week were exciting as well as unpredictable. There were many results in which i was wrong with my predictions. Lets take a look at the results

  • Liverpool 2-0 Inter Milan

This result was something which i was expecting. Even though Liverpool were under a lot of pressure following the FA cup defeat against Bardsley, they always seem to come on top in a champions league match where we don’t expect them to win. Even though, they won it late, they were patient and were rewarded. They are the favorites now but Inter has got enough quality to make a comeback.

  • Olympiakos 0-0 Chelsea

A surprising result. I was expecting a Chelsea win as they have enough quality to overpower Olympiakos. This definitely gives Olympiakos a decent chance in the return leg. They know that if they score one, Chelsea will have to score two. 

  • Roma 2-1 Real Madrid

Another surprising result. Both teams were having poor runs but i certainly didn’t expect Roma to win. Roma has an outside chance to go through as we all know that Madrid are not too consistent.

  • Schalke 04 1-0 FC Porto

I was expecting a win for Porto but this was a surprise as well.

  • Arsenal 0-0 AC Milan

 Arsenal played well and could have won comfortably had they shown a lethal touch in front of goal. They dominated much of the game and were unlucky not to score a goal. I was expecting a few goals from this goals but both teams defended well. The second leg will be a tight affair as no English team has ever beaten Milan an San Siro but football is full of surprises.

  • Celtic 2-3 Barcelona

The game was truly “Messimerizing”. Celtic played extremely well but they didn’t have Messi in there team. I expect Barcelona to win in the second leg.

  • Fenerbahce 3-2 Sevilla

I was expecting Sevilla to win but Fenerbahce showed that they are no pushovers.

  • Lyon 1-1 Manchester United

I didn’t expect Manchester United to win as they have a poor away record in Europe. But they got an away goal and that gives them an edge in the return leg at home. But things wont be easy at home as Lyon is a wonderful team with an exceptional talent in Benzema.

I cant wait for the second leg. It will sure have a few surprises.

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